About Tanya The Model

In order to be number one you must be confident in being odd. I am a woman. I am mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an aunt. I represent the everyday woman. I started from the bottom and now I am here. I have overcome some of life’s most challenging obstacles- depression, domestic abuse, breast cancer and a fatal automobile accident just to name a few. I have been up. I have been down. From being homeless to runway stages in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and New York. I have learned that God allowed me to go through places and situations I really didn’t understand just to bring me to the place where he needs me to be. Pain birth my purpose. Clearly, I do not look like what I have been through.

My mission, I will not just survive I will thrive. I will prosper no matter how difficult circumstances may seem. I have the DNA of a winner. I will wear my crown of favor. I will live with purpose, passion, and praise knowing that I deserve to win. Life has fallen in my lap to help me shift into a new and more authentic version of who I am. I have also learned that the most challenging has been my greatest teacher- even if they thought me about what I need to avoid to have a peaceful productive life. Then there is that chapter of my life that has magically come with divine synchronicity to help direct me to the fulfillment of all my dreams.

Tanya, The Model- learned from where I have been. I am blessed to be where I am. I am excited about how far I’m going. I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will it ever read, ‘I gave up”.


Tanya The Model