Tanya The Model Video Promo

I've been busy! Thanks again to the entire Tanya The Model team and everyone that has contributed to making my website launch a success. Here's a video promo, hope you all enjoy.

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Tanya The Model Launches Website

In 2016, I learned the depth of me. The undeniable love that evolved inside of me was transparent to the naked eye. The vivid memories of where I have been to where I am now being the epiphany of me walking into my greater. I am a survivor. I am domestic violence survivor. I am [...]

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Raw Essence – My 2017 Calendar

One evening while having dinner I expressed my desire to another phenomenal woman, now my phenomenal Business Manager, Maiesha Hawkins that I desired to release a 2017 calendar. Maiesha’s immediate response, “GREAT, and we shall do it” And we did just that! Back in October and November of 2016 I paired up with the awesome [...]

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