One evening while having dinner I expressed my desire to another phenomenal woman, now my phenomenal Business Manager, Maiesha Hawkins that I desired to release a 2017 calendar. Maiesha’s immediate response, “GREAT, and we shall do it” And we did just that! Back in October and November of 2016 I paired up with the awesome Max Williams to do my very first calendar and not to my surprise, it was a hit. His camera eye, talented, and creativity for bringing my vision into a reality is exemplified in each of the frames shot. Each shot was beautifully taken and I was over joyed and slightly overwhelmed in choosing the best 12 pictures to showcase for an entire year. Breathtaking, classy, and edgy are just a few adjectives that describe this calendar and the experience that the photo shoot embodied.

Once the photo shoot project was completed and my calendar release party was an awesome success I immediately received the confirmation, with GOD all things are possible. The last week of December and few days before 2017, Maiesha put together the most intimate 2017 Calendar Release party for yours truly. The setting was perfect! The food was great! The decorations were right on point. Overwhelmed by the support of family and friends far and near made my heart skip a few beats. I was pleasantly surprised and more than satisfied with the turn out. My eyes became teary as the words of encouragement from those dear to my heart gave me more encouragement, increased my faith, and jump started my determination to not only succeed but to excel in my brand, Tanya The Model.

Mr. Max Williams also captured my 2017 Calendar Release Party that included one of my daughters, other family members and more than 50 of my dearest friends. The collaboration between Max Williams and myself is one of my dearest moments in my modeling career. Please feel free to check out( the moments captured by the camera of the great Max Williams.

Currently, there are still 2017 calendars available for sale and you are free to purchase from this site. In advance, I thank you for your support!

Tanya The Model